Intro: Machine Man II – Animated

January 26th, 2009

This clip claims to be the intro of the animated-version of the movie Machine Man II - Rendesvouz at the Aquadrome, whereas neither the movie nor the animated-version actually exists in any way more than in the heads of a friend of mine and me.

The "movie" is about a guy named Machine Man II, who can morph into a motorcycle and uses this ability to fight evil :))
The footage is taken from GTA:San Andreas and recorded with fraps. The soundtrack is Turbo Lover by Judas Priest. The editing is of medium quality (I also forgot to deinterlace), the captions are mainly inside-jokes and the video becomes a bit boring after a while, if you don't love the song as much as I do, but anyway… I like it :)

Video-editing and Iris-effect done with VirtualDub, composition, transitions and captions done with Windows Movie Maker, startingimage-editing done with Corel Photo Paint, original concept by *drink* and myself.